Is the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 the ultimate Vlogging camera?

Today we take a look at some of the rumored features of the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 including:

  • 8K video recording
  • 4K 120 frame per second recording
  • Media Kit
  • Front-facing display

Which of these features are likely to make it into the final product? Check out the video for my opinion.

The Hero 8 leaks are conveniently starting to surface right after DJI released a direct competitor to the GoPro known as the DJI Osmo Action (what I used to shoot the review video above). For the first attempt at an action cam, I'm pretty impressed. The image stabilization is as good as if not better than the GoPro Hero 7 Black, the colors are great, especially in 4K HDR mode, the audio quality is surprisingly good (I wasn't able to tell the difference between the DJI internal mic and my iPhone X with a lapel mic). Probably the single biggest advantage that DJI has for my use case is the front-facing LCD screen which lets me know if I'm in the frame or not when Vlogging.

On to the leaks…. GoPro’s upcoming flagship camera will reportedly support a range of accessories this time around, including a new rotatable LCD screen and an external LED flashlight. There could also be an external microphone accessory as rendered in some of the leaks The rugged design of GoPro’s cameras usually means they make compromises when it comes to features like audio quality. These accessories could help the cameras be more useful in other filming scenarios where it’s not important for them to be quite so hard-wearing like Vlogging.

The German website WinFuture has secured a slew of leaked images and specifications for the upcoming GoPro Hero8, which originally leaked last month. This latest report gives us a closer look at the new camera, as well as information about the “media module” GoPro will be using to attach some accessories.

The original leak had lots of people excited after it appeared to show an external mic, external video light, and a rotating LCD screen that would all be available for the GoPro Hero8. This latest report reveals that all of these accessories will attach onto a so-called “media module” with two hot shoe slots, one on top and one on the side. The module itself has a microphone built-in, which should make it possible to attach a video light, and use a higher-quality mic all at once. Will this return the Vlogging crown to GoPro?

Beyond these changes, the leaked specs claim the GoPro Hero8 will be similar to the Hero7. It will be about the same size, use the same battery, and feature a 12MP image sensor capable of 4K/60p. You’ll also be able to record 1080/240p video, and HyperSmooth 2.0 technology will keep camera shake to a minimum.

Stay tuned as we hear more!