Wash your car at home – Save money and get your car clean

Today we take a look at home car wash equipment. Over the past 10 months I have washed our Model

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Is the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 the ultimate Vlogging camera?

Today we take a look at some of the rumored features of the upcoming GoPro Hero 8 including: 8K video

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Tesla software update 2019.32.1 [emergency lane departure, software updates, new language support, and wheel configurator]

Woke up to my favorite surprise yeaterday, a Tesla Software update. This time we got version 2019.32.1 on our Tesla

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Building a Virtual Reality (VR) room part 2: Assembling a VR PC

We’re finally moving forward to part two of the Virtual Reality room build. In the first video, we planned out

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5 EV (Electric Vehicle) Myths that people still believe

We had a fun time with this one. I took the top 5 questions I hear from people about electric

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