Xpel Stealth Blue Tesla Model X: We got Pam Stealth wrapped!

Ahead of our 2300 mile road trip, we decided to get our Tesla Model X wrapped in Xpel Stealth. Xpel Stealth is a paint protection film [PPF] that gives the car a satin, or matte finish. The wrap not only protects the paint beneath it, and it also has some self-healing properties, so things like minor scratches and such actually disappear when heat is applied via sunlight or water.

I went back and forth for several months deciding between Xpel Stealth, and Xpel Ultimate. Xpel Ultimate is clear and gives the car a show car quality finish while offering the same protection and self-healing.

In the end, I'm very happy with our decision.

Had we not had the car wrapped for our trip, I am confident that the front end would have been nearly destroyed. At each supercharger stop, I used bug remover to spray the front end and remove the millions of insects embedded in the film. Fortunately, they wiped right off, and everything came out looking fantastic.

I normally spend a significant amount of time washing the car, and I've already noticed that the wrap keep the car cleaner for longer. Dust and such wipes right off, and for the most part, I no longer need to do a full wash. Detailing spray and a towel is enough to keep things clean. I'll put together a more detailed video and post about the upkeep and products used to keep things clean.

While they were at it, we also had the guys powder coat the factory 20-inch wheels 50% gloss black. The finish is close to the Onyx Black 22's that are offered up as an option. I really struggled with the decision to go with the 20's over the 22's. The 22's look so good on the Model X, but the range hit is too big IMO. I'm REALLY happy with how the powder coating came out. Tesla should really offer this as a factory option, although I doubt they would sell as many 22's if they did.

Finally, we had the front windows tinted to match the rears.

The biggest problem I have now is keeping myself from staring at the car. All of the work was done by the team at Colorado Detail. I can't thank them enough for the quick turn around. They knew we had a roadtrip, and worked with us to make sure the scheduling and timing all worked out.

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