Tesla Plaid mode and a new track record

What's faster than light speed? Ludacris! What's faster than Ludacris? Plaid. What's faster than Plaid? Nothing!

This is the message coming from the official Tesla twitter account, and it's a detail we could have easily overlooked. Less than 24 hours ago, Tesla announced a new Laguna Seca lap record that's a full minute faster than the old record set for a sedan. This is impressive in itself, but it's the rest of the tweet that has us all asking questions. 

Plaid powertrain and chassis prototype?!? Where have we heard of this before? That's right, the 2020 Tesla Roadster. We know that the Roadster will come with Plaid mode, and also feature a new powertrain with a 3 motor configuration instead of the two in the current Tesla Model X and Model X Raven powertrain. Elon Musk later confirmed this information with the following:

By competitors, I assume he is talking about the only current competitor to the Model S, the Porsche Taycan

While the Model S beats the Taycan in just about every category, the fact that another automaker is finally challenging Tesla can't sit well with the team. We see this all the time in the computer hardware industry. AMD drops a new GPU, and Nvidia announces a refresh that handedly beats them. Tesla is a software/hardware company like the automotive world has never seen before, so it is completely logical that Tesla has been planning to leapfrog the competition just when they thought they were catching up. At the end of the day, consumers like us win because we get faster, better cars while pushing the mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, but it does show just how dominant and ahead of the competition Tesla really is at this point.

For me, I can't wait for the reaction video's, or to get a ride in a 7 passenger SUV with a 2 second 0-60. With that said, don't forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube so I can one day afford the new Plaid mode Tesla, perhaps even a 202 Roadster of my own 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/c/blovereviews


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