The best air filter for Coronavirus masks #covid19 #coronavirusmask

Today we touch on the subject of filter material for use in your Coronavirus masks. This applies to 3d printed

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coronavirus mask: The best adjustable straps for 3D printed masks

If you have followed along, I have 3d printed dozens of different coronavirus mask designs. My current favorite design is

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How to prevent and fix stringing of 3D printed parts #3dPrintingForBeginners

If you have 3d Printed anything before, you have probably run into stringing. Stringing is where strands of filament are

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The Best 3d Printed Coronavirus Mask design #bolivAIR #coronavirus

After 3d printing more than 100 Coronavirus masks for hospital workers and trying out over a dozen designs, I have

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3D Printed Coronavirus masks: infill tips and tricks #covidmasks

Today we discuss 3D printed Coronavirus (COVID-19) masks, and how you can use layer height modifiers in your slicer program

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Covid mask: How to use 3MF files in Prusa Slicer with and Ender 3

How to print a Coronavirus mask from a 3MF file using Prusa Slicer to export an STL file or GCODE

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Common questions about 3D Printed Cononavirus masks #coronavirus #covidmasks

Today i’m going to go over some common questions I have received about 3D printing Cononavirus (COVID-19) masks. We are

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3D Printed Coronavirus masks: Which materials and designs to use?

Many of you know I have been 3D printing face masks for my local hospital to help doctors protect themselves

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