I miss Pam…. The Tesla

That's the line my daughter dropped on me after school earlier this week. We named our Model X Pam, which also happens to be my wife's name. That makes for some confusion, but funny moments like the one with my daughter. It also allows for some great jokes with my friends and I. Hit the comments section if you have any good one-liners for the situation.

So why is Pam gone for the week? Well, she is off getting a full Xpel Stealth wrap, window tint, and the factory 20's powder-coated satin black. I'm beyond excited to see how it all looks when we pick her up tomorrow. Don't worry, lots of pics and video to follow. We wanted to get all of this done ahead of our long road trip this next week to Glacier National Park in Montana. Should be a great test of the supercharger network and generally roadtrippin' in an EV.

While Pam is away, we've been using a ride-sharing service here in Denver called Car2Go. You basically use an app to find and pick up a Mercedes SUV. You can rent it by the minute, or for a set number of days. The experience has been mixed with some cars being clean and well taken care of, while others have been dirty, smelled like cigarette smoke, etc.

The bigger problem has been getting used to an ICE car again after owning an EV, specifically the spaceship on wheels we call our car. It starts with little things. I can't pre-cool the car with an app (damn I miss that), and it has been almost 100 degrees here daily. The self-presenting doors of the Model X are something I have come to rely on, and the ability to close all of the doors once my kids are in. I find myself getting out of the car to help the kids every time we get in the car.

Also, why does the interior of German cars look like this?

I feel like the old dude that has to call their kids to figure out how to use the VCR. The minimalist interior of the Tesla is sooooo under-appreciated. I find myself looking down to perform the most basic changes that would normally be one or two clicks away.

One of the funnier quirks is the Mercedes shuts the engine off when you roll up to a stop sign or stoplight. It's an emissions saving design, but you know what would be better? Remove the engine and replace it with an electric motor. My wife thought the car was broken the first few times because the AC actually stops working when you come to a stop. Super annoying!!

I'm not even going to discuss the performance. Once you get used to zero lag, instant electric torque, everything else feels like driving a dinosaur.

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