Cross blade your older EGO mower for better mulching #egoMower

Older EGO mowers like the LM2100 don't mulch grass very well. Today we see if we can change that by retrofitting one of the newer dual-blade (cross blade) kits onto our older EGO mower to see if we can finally get good mulching performance. We're going to be using the Tri-Cut dual-blade configuration that is sold as being compatible with the newer EGO LM2130.

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Red Loctite:

I also used 1/4 in – 20 x 5/8 in zinc plated machine screws with a flat head to secure the two blades together. Your local hardware store should sell these in 5 packs with the nuts needed to secure them. Similar to these: or

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The EDGE Premium Bagging Blade is a heavy-duty blade that turns grass into fine fragments ideal for both bagging and mulching. This all steel blade is specifically designed for all EGO POWER+ Select Cut 21 in. Lawn Mowers. The EDGE Upper Blade is the 2nd blade of the multi-blade system. This blade slices the grass the lower blade sucks up to enhance the cutting performance. EGO parts and accessories are designed specifically for your EGO POWER+ Lawn Mower and offer the highest quality and performance.

*Heavy-duty mulching and bagging blade

*Interchangeable lower blade on the select cut multi-blade system

*All steel blade for excellent cutting performance

*For use with EGO POWER + 56-Volt lithium-ion cordless lawn mowers

*LM2130SP and LM2130 models

*Delivers a clean cut to promote lawn health

*Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance