Why I’m not buying more Tesla stock right now

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What to do with some of the insane gains we have seen in the recent days and weeks from Tesla? If, like me, you believe in the long term vision for the company, the best thing to do is probably shut off social media and ignore the stock price for the next couple years. That isn't the right answer for everyone though. For some, the money made in the past month has been life-changing. Take a step back and think rationally and make sure your next move puts you in a better position financially than you were in yesterday. If you are getting caught up in the FOMO and want to buy the stock today, don't buy more than you can afford to lose. The stock market at the end of the day is gambling, and while you can make a ton of money, you can just as easily lose it. The long term Tesla believers and holders will be the ultimate winners here I believe, so try to steer clear of the hype!