Tesla software update 2019.32.1 [emergency lane departure, software updates, new language support, and wheel configurator]

Woke up to my favorite surprise yeaterday, a Tesla Software update. This time we got version 2019.32.1 on our Tesla Model X. This brings a few features already present for Model 3 owners like emergency lane departure avoidance, and also adds a couple of non safety-related features like a new wheel configurator, support for new languages, and a better interface notification when there are new software updates pending.

Lane Departure Avoidance

Lane Departure Avoidance will alert you if you’re exiting your lane without a turn signal when your hands aren’t on the wheel. If this happens too much while you’re using traffic-aware cruise control, then the system will eventually turn on your hazard lights and automatically slow down the car to 15 miles below either the speed limit or your current set speed. This feature can be turned on or off at will, and works between speeds of 25 and 90 mph.

Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

Meanwhile, the new Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance feature will automatically steer your car back into its lane if it thinks you’re going to crash or veer off the road. You can turn it off, but the car will re-enable it at the start of the next drive.

Software Update

The status bar now shows when there is a pending software update. When you click on it, it takes you straight to the update and gives you more info about the updates waiting.

Wheel Configuration

This one was interesting to me. You can now change between the 19″, 20″, and 22″ inch wheels right from the interface including all colors and styles offered. Changing the wheels updates the look of the car on the displays (and in the Tesla app) which is cool because I recently powder coated my wheels black, and now I can change the color in the interface. On top of that changing the wheel size updates the tire pressure monitors, and as we will see in my video, it also changes the air suspension settings.

New Language Support

Great news for Norwegians, your language is now supported and can be changed in the system settings.

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