Tesla firmware update 2019.24.4 Model X

Last night our Model X received the latest firmware update 2019.24.4. With it we see the updated sketchpad app that has been discussed on twitter and various Tesla forums.

Per the release notes, the update adds the ability to adjust the color saturation, and also includes multiple undo's in case of a mistake while crafting your masterpiece.

Other improvements include Owners Manual updates to allow searching and easier navigation. Application launcher and Beach Buggy Racing 2 were present in my last release (2019.20.4), but for those that didn't receive that update, they are included in this release. One thing I noticed about Beach Buggy Racing 2 is that my xbox one controller doesn't seem to work for it. I can use it for all of the other games, but support doesn't seem to be there for this game yet. Anyone else experience the same? Let me know in the comments!

Model 3 users reported support for CHAdeMO charge adaptors, but my release notes had no mention of that. Perhaps that support is only for the Model 3 currently, or it may be that it is only supported for newer Model ‘s (mine is a late December 2018). At over $600 for the adaptor, I probably wouldn't jump on board anyway… https://shop.tesla.com/ca/en/product/vehicle-accessories/chademo-adapter.html

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