Support #teamtrees by using our search engine

If you are not familiar, #teamtrees was started by a group of youtubers as a way to raise awareness for the environment by planting trees. The initial goal was to raise enough money to plant 20million trees, but I don't think we need to stop there. While I do not have the financial resources to personally donate significantly to the cause, I do have a dedicated team of talented engineers. We welcome you to try our beta search engine at We have partnered with over 70,000 retailers and every search and product purchase helps raise revenue which we will use as a donation to the cause. Since this is the start of the holiday shopping season, we are confident that we can raise significant funds, but we need your help spreading the word, and using the search engine. It's simple, just search for any product you are interested in, and we handle the rest. If you purchase something from a supported retailer, we earn revenue, and we forward that to the foundation. Couldn't be easier! head to today to get started.