Remove denim dye transfer from your white Tesla interior: How To

When we started looking at buying a Tesla, the first thing that stood out to me in the showroom was the beautiful white interior they offered.

Of course, my mind immediately raced to the image of one of my kids running through the car with a juice box spraying purple drink all over that immaculate interior, my wife slapped me back to reality, and the sales staff calmly explained that the white vegan leather that Tesla uses is actually one of the most stain-resistant and easy to clean. Armed with that extra knowledge, I spent the next several weeks scouring the internet trying to debunk the claim until that fateful day arrived when I had enough beer to finally press the order button.

After a few weeks of driving the car over the winter, I started to notice blue denim transfer on the sides of the seats from my jeans. I freaked out, tried to scrub it out with everything mentioned on message forums, but I was still left with faint blue marks on the seats. I was convinced I had ruined the car, had flashbacks to the kids spraying juice everywhere, and thought I made a mistake ordering the white interior.

Then I happened to try an orange degreaser that came with the car wash kit I bought a few weeks prior. I immediately noticed that the seats were visibly whiter where I accidentally sprayed the degreaser and gave it a shot. Shockingly, it worked. The seats were saved along with my sanity. Check out the video for a quick demonstration.

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