Ego LM2101 21″ electric lawn mower review [2019]: Read this before buying

Check out my unboxing, charge, and first cut experience with the Ego LM2101 21″ deck electric mower with 7.5 amp battery.

Initial thoughts: I'm happy with the purchase. I recently had to get gas for my old lawnmower, and I felt like an idiot at a gas station driving a Tesla haha. On top of that, despite my best efforts, I ended up spilling a small amount of gas on one of my floor mats… The last thing anyone wants is an electric car that smells like gas. The issue for me goes beyond that though. I've started to watch my carbon footprint more and more recently and discovered that lawnmowers have really low emissions standards, in fact:

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in one hour, a new gas-powered lawnmower produces the same volume of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides as 11 cars driving for 1 hour…. 11…. seriously.

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