Elon Accessories Screen Protector for Tesla Model S and Model X

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing dozens of fingerprints on my Model X touch screen. It's a good thing I have Autopilot because I spend half of my drive wiping the screen.

When I came across Elon Accessories screen protector, the two features that stood out to me were the anti-glare and the anti-fingerprint qualities of the product. The screen protector is on the expensive side, but it looks to be high quality, and the reviews are solid.

The ordering experience was painless, and shipping was fast. I ordered through the web site, and they allow checkout with Amazon, so it's secure and fast. The night before the install I watched the Model 3 install video on Youtube, and felt pretty confident going into it.

During the unboxing, I noticed the quality of the packaging. The bot itself even has a satisfying magnetic open/close flap! Inside I found a personalized note, and since the install on a Model X can be difficult, they included a second screen protector at no charge. Pretty awesome!

When it came time to install things went fairly smoothly, but I ended up cracking the first screen (which sucks because my plan was to be awesome at installing it so I could give the second one away to one of my lucky Youtube subscribers). I was able to give it a second shot and avoid any other damage (other than to my ego).

While editing the video for my Youtube channel, my initial plan was to do a fail video and show you all what NOT to do, but after listening to my instructions, and re-reading the install instructions in the package, I realized the instructions are actually incorrect. I watched the Model S video here:

and it clearly shows you installing the screen with the red label down and to the right, but the instructions say it should be up and to the left. So, Elon Accessories, if you happen to come across this, please update the instructions in the package, and for anyone reading/watching this, learn from my mistakes so you can install it right the first time.

Overall after having the screen for a couple of days, I'm impressed by the complete lack of glare, and so far I haven't had any issues with fingerprints. That should be positive for my mental health and my blood pressure :). Check out and get your own screen protector here: https://bit.ly/2SQTj4k

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