Drop your RTX 3090 Ethereum mining memory temps with this easy thermal pad mod

Replacing the thermal pads on your Nvidia RTX 3090 is a great way to reduce the VRAM temperature when mining Cryptocurrency like Ethereum. Today we tear down my RTX 3090 FE or Founders Edition and see how low we can get the memory temps by JUST replacing the thermal pads on the backplate.

Items needed:

Iceberg Thermal DRIFTIce Thermal Pads 120mm x 40mm x 1.5mm (3 will do both the backplate and the front of the card): https://geni.us/QW6RA

Kaisi 136 in 1 Electronics repair kit: https://geni.us/Y8xER

Thermal paste if removing the GPU core: https://geni.us/lBuF

Nvidia RTX 3090: https://geni.us/fy138x