coronavirus mask: The best adjustable straps for 3D printed masks

If you have followed along, I have 3d printed dozens of different coronavirus mask designs. My current favorite design is the BolivAIR mask designed by the fantastic people here:

One issue I had was finding suitable straps that were easy to take on and off. Fortunately, the BolivAIR team had a solution for that problem as well. I take you through the process of 3d printing some of these snaps and show you how to ensure they are both strong and safe to use for your 3d printed masks.

To download the latest designs and files, head on over to the slack channel here (moving to Reddit):

Link to the original BolivAIR mask design:

BolivAIR clips:

Looking for a good, affordable 3d printer? Consider the Creality Ender 3:

My personal favorite is the Prusa MK3S:

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