5 EV (Electric Vehicle) Myths that people still believe

We had a fun time with this one. I took the top 5 questions I hear from people about electric cars and put together a video that addresses each one. We cover a couple obvious and a couple not so obvious myths that need to be put to rest including

  • EV's can't get wet – seriously, who believes this (oh yeah, 18% of the population in the UK evidently)
  • Range Anxiety – yes, even with Tesla approaching 400 miles per charge, and supercharger stations literally everywhere, this one still persists.
  • Lithium-Ion battery fires – let's forget the fact that a gasoline powered vehicle is 11X more likely to be involved in a fire for asecond and address this common myth.
  • Battery replacement cost – This is a big one. Cool car bro, but what are you going to do when the battery dies and you have to replace it. Unlikely to ever happen, and I explain why in the video.
  • EV's are powered by coal – I'm convinced that this one was started by some pissed off oil company. Either way, it simply isn't true, and even in states where significant % of power comes from coal plants, EV's are still FAR better for the Earth than gas-powered vehicles.

What are you waiting for, check out the video and let me know what you think in the comments!

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