3D Printed Coronavirus masks: Which materials and designs to use?

Many of you know I have been 3D printing face masks for my local hospital to help doctors protect themselves against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many of you asked on Twitter for details about the filament and materials used. This video goes over everything I have learned printing the last 40 or so masks in the last week. I have tried multiple designs, and have received near-realtime feedback from two local area doctors. Here is what we think works best today.

If you don't know any local doctors, be sure to check https://masksfordocs.com/ before printing anything. They can help guide you, show you what to print in your area, and even arrange pickup and delivery.

Files: 3 COVID Masks with full TPU wrap 90% scale: https://www.blovereviews.com/3dPrints/3-covid-masks-with-tpu-90-percent-scale.3mf

2 COVID Masks with full TPU wrap 100% scale: https://www.blovereviews.com/3dPrints/2-covid-masks-with-tpu-100-percent-scale.3mf

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