3D Printed Coronavirus masks: infill tips and tricks #covidmasks

Today we discuss 3D printed Coronavirus (COVID-19) masks, and how you can use layer height modifiers in your slicer program remove top and bottom solid layers exposing the infill pattern in between. This tip doesn't just apply to these Coronavirus masks, you can also use it to get some cool effects like the sample Space X coaster I show in the video. If you don't know any local doctors, be sure to check https://masksfordocs.com/ before printing anything. They can help guide you, show you what to print in your area, and even arrange pickup and delivery.

To download the latest designs and files, head on over to the slack channel here (moving to Reddit): https://www.reddit.com/r/blovereviews/

Link to .stl file: https://hospitalmasks.slack.com/files/U011NUSF5BL/F0123HLKV1P/mask-insert-solid.stl

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